Fresh Blather is just about nothing.

A few scratchings reflecting questions about the society, both social and economic that we live in.  You may have never encountered the type of questions found here, before.  Certainly, everyone seems quite acquiesced to the conditions of life as the monied and elites (the ME’s) have provided for you.

Does it seems like the ME’s see you only as a mark from the time you are born until your ultimate end.? In between those two points in your life do you find that it’s like standing still on a fixed platform throughout each stage of your life, picking and choosing from a smorgasbord of options, as they pass by on a conveyor belt?  Do you dare complain about the choices provided, or the options available?   Maybe, just wondering about those things is “thinking outside of the box”.

So, be careful, the ideas presented here might be outside of that box.  Sounds provocative, doesn’t it?